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  1. The development process of typesetting technology in the design of Jinan handbag printing
  Text typesetting is a technology to process and reproduce text information according to the needs. After Bi Sheng in China and Gutenberg in Germany invented clay type and type respectively, manual text typesetting lasted for hundreds of years. At the beginning of the 20th century, the invention of typesetting machine in China combined typesetting process with typesetting process, realized mechanization and improved typesetting efficiency. Later, the birth of the artificial photo typesetting machine enabled people to say goodbye to "lead and fire". In the 1950s, an optical mechanical automatic imagesetter with continuous shooting mechanical control appeared, which greatly improved the quality and efficiency of the imagesetter. In the 1960s, the third generation of Phototypesetter was developed. It uses digital character encoding, processing and font storage technology to display the layout on the high-resolution cathode ray tube and make the characters into film. In the mid-1970s, the laser typesetter (the fourth generation of Phototypesetter) was launched in the UK. It can record the information of the text and typeset the page on the computer. It can irradiate the photosensitive film by laser. It has become an important recording and output equipment for computer text information processing and typesetting system.
  In the field of Chinese character information processing and typesetting, Liu Boqing and Chen Hongge developed the first Chinese manual typesetter in 1936. Since 1974, scientists represented by Wang Xuan have developed the fourth generation laser typesetting system for Chinese characters based on the third generation of typesetting technology, which has greatly promoted the progress of Chinese character information processing and printing technology.
  2. 手袋设计文本的排版设计
  2. Layout design of handbag design text
  The so-called typesetting design is based on the requirements of visual expression content, combined with the characteristics of various graphic design, reasonable arrangement and layout of text elements, a visual communication design. A complete publication, in addition to dealing with the original text information in terms of grammar, style, style and other aspects, must also deal with the text visually in order to meet the requirements of publishing and printing on the text information.
  To process and process characters with visual technology, we must grasp the basic principles of originality, artistry, unity of content and form and integrity. Reasonable use of language skills to deal with the layout of various font elements between complex layout, size, density, straight, black and white, etc., create different text layout design features between limited and infinite, orderly and disordered, orderly and random, lively and quiet arrangements, in order to meet the needs of various types of publications.
  The content of technical text information processing includes: (1) font, size, color, arrangement direction, border, shading setting and processing; (2) text scaling, deformation, filling, decoration, cutting and other processing; (3) Word / line / segment spacing, first line indenting, alignment, row / column / page setting, typesetting / end title / cross page control, word processing, header / footer / Title / footnote / endnote setting, text wrapping; traditional / Simplified Chinese translation, spelling / grammar check and correction, word count, query, directory / outline generation. In a publication, the text must be arranged in the proper position and layout of the page according to the design style and technical specifications of the publication.
  General exclusions should be noted in text layout. If there are two spaces at the beginning of each paragraph, periods, commas, dashes, semicolons, colons, question marks, exclamation marks and other punctuation marks cannot be placed at the beginning of a line, or after quotation marks, parentheses, headings, etc. Scores, years, chemical formulas, symbols before numbers, temperature marks, monosyllabic words, and other situations should not be placed on different lines.
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